TRC – Textile Reinforced Concrete

SEM pcture of textile reinforced concrete Copyright: © ibac TRC - filament embedded in concrete matrix

As part of the Collaborative Research Project "Textile Reinforced Concrete", subproject C1, suitable fine-grained concretes were developed which feature an optimum bond as well as a high durability of the textile and thus ensure the load bearing capacity and serviceability of textile reinforced building elements. For this purpose, the two components of fine-grained concrete and textile were optimally matched considering chemical, mechanical and rheological issues.

In addition to optimizing the fresh concrete characteristics an adjustment of the hardened concrete characteristics for an optimum bond between textile and concrete was sought. The demands on the matrix – which are a function of the composite mechanisms, the fabrics used and the manufacturing processes – however changed constantly during the project sequence.

A new aspect was to increase the use and viability of the textile concrete through the use of ductile matrices with short fibers. Since in preliminary tests improved cracking behavior and load-bearing capacity was achieved with fiber reinforced fine concrete, more ductile, short fiber-containing mixtures were developed. Here, glass, carbon and plastic fibers were primarily considered.

The development of fine grained matrices with special needs remains another focus of the group even after the closure of the research project. The market entry of textile concrete, especially in façade elements, as well as the architectural trend towards clean concrete surfaces constantly provides new issues that can be tackled with the experience of 12 years of research in this field.

Production techniques for textile reinforced concrete

For the manufacturing of textile reinforced concrete there are several production techniques which are adjusted to the respective application. The production techniques used and further developed in working group “concrete” are listed below:

  • Laminating
  • Casting
  • Spraying
  • Centrifugation
  • Extrusion