Mechanical and Fracture Mechanical Characteristics


Another focus of the group is to determine the mechanical properties of concretes within the framework of material tests and research projects. Essentially, issues relating to strength and the deformation behavior of building materials are processed. In recent research, for example, scale factors were considered in compressive and flexural tensile tests as well as alternative test methods for the determination of axial tensile strength.

In fracture mechanics, the failure of cracked components or the propagation of cracks under static and dynamic loads is investigated until fracture.

In an extensive research project investigations on the behavior of non-reinforced concrete were carried out under different loading configurations. The aim was to determine the behavior of plain concrete walls under a simultaneous axial and transversal load. Depending on the wall thickness and the concrete strength class relationships were obtained that can be used for future dimensioning. In addition, the tests carried out were displayed numerically using the finite element method.

Based on the investigation results, a design concept for non-reinforced concrete walls under a simultaneous axial and transversal load is currently being developed.