Why complete an internship at the institute?

group of students testing concrete Copyright: © ibac Students testing concrete

The course Building Materials Science Internship at the Institute aims to offer you a look into the practical implementation of scientific work. Fundamental skills in materials testing are acquired in order to be able to apply them to issues in practice – for example structure diagnosis or the implementation of concepts in building materials technology. Upon completion of this course you will be able to undertake and formulate evaluations of complex isuses in building materials technology.

Attention! If you are interested in acquiring the E-Certificate, it is necessary to make the internship at the ibac with focus of concrete technology!

Before you register in RWTHonline for this course it is absolutely necessary to find an advisor at our Institute!


  • Introduction of a project with complex material testing and of the experiments to be conducted
  • Assistance with acquisition and preparation of samples
  • Assistance with conducting trials
  • Assistance with evaluations and possibly with assessment

Admissions Requirements

Mathematics andmechanicsmust bepassed. There is a restriction of participants.Please check before you register if we can offer an interesting topic.


Housework or results documentation over 90 h. According to the 5 CPs the total amount of work including housework or result documentation is 150 hours. If your are interested please contact one of the following persons:


Concrete Technology

Microstructure and Modelling
Fabien Georget PhD Fabien Georget PhD

If you have further questions please contact

You have also the option to make a bachelor or master thesis at our institute.