How to Get the E-Certificate


To acquire the e-certificate, you must be able to present your grades for the following subjects:

  • Building Materials Science 1
  • Building Materials Science 2
  • Concrete – Properties and Testing M.Sc.
  • Structural Concrete I
  • Internship at the Institute of Building Materials Research (Topic must be concrete technology).

An average is calculated from the scores. The average must be 2.5 or better. If you have attained the necessary grades in all of the subjects listed above, you will need to submit the following documents and information so that we can issue the e-certificate:

  • A current account printout with an overview of your grades
  • The date you passed your Master's theses and a copy of your Master certificate
  • Your birthdate and place of birth
  • Your current address

Send us all of the information via and we will issue the e-certificate. This can take a while since the document must be signed by the respective professor and dean of studies. Once the e-certificate is ready it will be mailed to you.

If you have grades from other universities for the above requirements and you would like to have them checked for equivalence by us, please send us a detailed module description of your university as well as a corresponding grade certificate.

Additional information about the e-certificate can be obtained from the Concrete Training Council.