Concrete - Properties, Testing, and Important Information

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Beton – Properties and Testing Part I and II is offered every winter semester.


  • Concrete structure, transport processes, concrete corrosion
  • Binding materials and concretes for special applications, such as textile concrete, self-compacting concrete, solid concrete, and fiber reinforced concrete
  • Fresh concrete, rheology
  • Designing a concrete formula, concrete manfacture, concrete testing, evaluation of results
  • Post-treatment of concrete
  • Fracture traits of building materials
  • Nondestructive testing processes
  • Concrete lifecycle
  • Environmental compatability of building materials
  • Supplemental: excursions to construction sites, building material manufacturers

Learning Objectives

  • Application limits of concrete
  • Composing expert reports
  • Presentation technique

Admissions Requirements

  • Definition of building materials properties
  • Stress-strain curves of building materials
  • Statistical evaluation of test results
  • Differential euqations


– Homework throughout the semester, tests, reports
- Attention, examination modality changed: Composition of the grade: 30% from Homework throughout the semester and 70% from exam result.

Recommended Literature

– Concrete calendar (issue by ibac)
– Brameshuber: Selbstverdichtender Beton, Verlag Bau+Technik