BSK 2 – Important Information

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Building Materials Science II is offered every summer semester.

ATTENTION!!! It is absolutely neccessary to check regularly your RWTH-Mail address and the "Lernraum" in Moodle for BSK2!!!



  • Raw materials and material properties
  • Stress-strain curves depending on the strength
  • Material corrosion
  • Material testing
  • Special concretes such as fiber reinforced concrete, SCC, high-performance concrete, lightweight concrete, fair-faced concrete

Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of the production of concrete building members
  • Knowledge of the deformation and fracture behaviour of concrete as the basis for the design of steel-reinforced concrete members
  • Knowledge of the applicability and application limits of concrete

Admissions Requirements

Admission requirements for the lecture: none
Admission requirements for the written exam: none


Written exam lasting 90 minutes, grading: graded, weighting: 100 percent