Building Materials 1 - Important Information

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A warm welcome at the Institute of Building Materials Research to all beginners! We wish you lots of success and fun during your studies! :o)

Building Materials Science 1 is offered every winter semester.

For the Courses of Study

  • Civil Engineering
    1st semester
  • Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering Specialization
    1st semester
  • Mobility and Transport
    1st semester
  • Teacher Training: Structural Engineering and Underground Engineering
    1st semester
  • Environmental Engineering
    1st semester


Physical and chemical basics of materials science, such as

  • Bond types
  • Bond energy
  • Ductility
  • Phase diagrams
  • Thermal expansion and conductivity
  • Density
  • Deformation properties
  • Stress-strain diagrams
  • Basics of the Theory of Composite Materials
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Metallic materials: steel and aluminium - Material properties, reinforcing steel, testing, corrosion

Learning objectives

  • Basic understanding of the correlation between bond properties and strength
  • understanding of the processes during material deformation
  • material behaviour of concrete and metals as basis for the design of steel reinforced concrete members
  • principles of the boundary conditions of metal corrosion for the structural design

Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements for the lecture: none
Admissions requirements for the written exam: none


Written exam lasting 90 minutes, grading: graded, weighting: 100 percent