Ongoing Research Projects

Advanced Concrete Technology Working Group
C³ Carbon Concrete Composite: V 2.1: Long-term bonding behavior of carbon reinforced concrete F 1063 BMBF Matthias Kalthoff M.Sc
Application of cement concrete as an independent material as well as composite material in machine tool engineering - renewal application F 1064 DFG Matthias Kalthoff M.Sc
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Mineralogy and Inorganic Chemistry Working Group

Durability proof of chemical stressed concrete and concrete elements: Proof at concrete by attack of carbonic acid


Dr. rer. nat.
Holger Nebel

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Circular Economy Working Group
Optimisation of the assessment of the environmental compatibility of building materials by using realistic parameters in model calculations F 1054 DAfStb Steffen Overmann M.Sc.
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Innovative BInders Technology Working Group
Foamed concrete sandwich element - Development of ceiling, floor and roof modules made of textile reinforced concrete and foamed concrete with a novel linking system for prefabricated house production F 1083 AiF Steffen Overmann M.Sc.