Building Materials – Concrete



Thomas Apweiler

Laboratory manager, Working group innovative concrete technology


+49 241 80 95111


  • Grain size analysis of powdered materials
    – sieve analysis
    – sedimentation
    – laser granulometer
  • Standard tests on concrete and its components
    – tests on concrete, cement and aggregate
  • Determination of physical and mechanical property values
    – density
    – strength
    – moduli of elasticity
    – deformation characteristics
  • Wear resistance
  • Hardness testing, for instance microhardness according to Vickers
  • Traction tests
  • Measurement of roughness
  • Determination of technical characteristics related to humidity
    – water vapor adsorption and desorption
    – water vapor diffusion resistance
    – water absorption, capillary water absorption, drying behavior
  • Freeze-thaw resistance and freeze-thaw resistance with de-icing salt
  • Temperature resistance testing
  • Weathering
  • Resistance to chemical attack
    – sulfate attack, alkalis, acids and others
  • Penetration of chlorides
    – examination of drilling dust, diffusion measurements, chloride binding
  • Penetration behavior of water polluting liquids according to the DAfStb directive "Betonbau beim Umgang mit wassergefährdenden Stoffen" / "Building with concrete when dealing with substances hazardous to water"
  • Squeezing and analysis of pore solution / pressure up to 500 N/mm²
  • Viscosity measurements with rotational viscometer, flow cup, Marsh funnel
  • Granulometry of binders and aggregates