Commemoration to W. Brameshuber

  Prof. Wolfgang Brameshuber Copyright: © ibac

On Friday, September 16 2016, Wolfgang Brameshuber died from a heart attack while vacationing in Italy.

As we received news of his death at that time, we were dismayed and deeply saddened. It was hard to comprehend that he is no more there. In Summer 2016 we celebrated his sixtieth birthday, a joyful celebration with many surprises, which he greatly enjoyed. It is comforting to remember him this way.

Wolfgang Brameshuber came to Aachen in January 1999. He was head of the Chair and Institute for more than seventeen years. The last years especially took a lot of strength. His great dedication to ibac and his enthusiasm for research and teaching distinguished him, just as his personality did.

We will always honor the memory of our "Bra."

The staff of the Chair of Building Materials.