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Prerequisites to the trade and use of all essential building products include
a) a certificate of usability, such as a standard
b) national technical approval or European technical approval
c) general technical test certificate
d) approval in an individual case and a compliance certificate.

The type of documentation needed for the German market can be founded in Construction Products Lists, which are regularly updated by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, DIBt for short.

Building products are allocated to the various Construction Products Lists depending on whether documentation is needed with national approval, that is Ü-Kennzeichnung, in accordance with the State Building Regulations or documentation with CE-Kennzeichnung, in accordance with the European Building Production Act, BauPVO.

A long-term contract is signed with the respective manufacturer for this work. After the product or production has been successfully audited for the first time, a compliance certificate is issued in accordance with the LBO or a certificate of the constancy of performance is issued in accordance with the BauPVO. Depending on the product requirement, the next step is accompaniment with product testing or the plant's own annual production control.

The Certification Center staff can inform interested market players upon request about the certificates issued via NB 1077.


National - LBO

Technical recognition as a PÜZ center in accordance with State Building Regulations was most recently acquired by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik on September 11, 2013, under reference number NRW 01. The recognition is valid for numerous building products from Construction Product List A Part 1 and A Part 2, as well as for many products with national technical approval, which are partially named in Part IIa of the PÜZ center directory in accordance with the State Building Regulations. The ibac has also been recognized as a testing center to test manufacturers of building products and construction users corresponding to Part IV and as a supervisory office to supervise activities with building products and construction corresponding to Part V of the PÜZ center directory in accordance with State Building Regulations.


European - BauPVO

The respective manufacturers of all building products harmonized in Europe must submit a statement to the market confirming that their product meets European regulation demands. The external reference number of this manufacturer statement for individual customers is usually the CE reference number on the product. Depending on the level of requirement the BauPVO, the foundation of the manufacturer statement, requires various documentation, which the manufacturer requests from an independent, qualified, and notified center. This center confirms for the manufacturer that the product, production, and, where applicable, the manufacturer's own production control, meet the technical specifications in the requirements. This is documented with a certificate.

As notified body NB 1077, the ibac is notified based on the BauPVO. A prerequisite for notification in accordance with the BauPVO is accreditation by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle, DAkkS. This accreditation officially confirms the certification center's permanent competence as well as its work methods for testing and certification activities.

The list of products, for which NB 1077 is notified, can be found in the Nando List.

The Certification Center staff can inform interested market players upon request about the certificates issued via NB 1077.


The certification body (CPR) is accredited by the German Organization for accreditation (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17965.

You may find the certificate and its attachment here:

Accreditation Certificate D-ZE-18345-01-00

Annex to the Accredition Certifikate according to DIN EN ISO_IEC 170652 2013

Within the quality management, this accreditation outlines the technical expertise in the area defined and sets out, that the certification body is running a quality management system.

Our DAkkS-accreditation ist also acknowledged by IAF (International Accreditation Forum). Therefore, our customers may receive internationally accepted certificates in case of necessity.