Material Testing


We conduct material testing and chemical and mineralogical analyses on building materials that are directly sent to us or that we take from the construction site or your production facility in an arrangement with you. Our customers include public bodies as well as those in industry and trade and private contractors.

Testing tasks for building materials often develop over the course of production, the use of a construction site, or use in a building. They may also be needed for national and European authorizations and supervision and certification in accordance with the State Building Regulations or Building Product Act. When we issue expert reports for the court, and arbitrator's awards, we work together with different experienced engineering offices.

You can find the correct contact person in the table below:

Product Group

Performance Spectrum of the Lab





Binders and additives,
admixture for concrete and mortar, aggregate

Binders Lab

Academic Staff
Binders Working Group

Concrete and special concretes

Concrete Lab

Academic Staff
Concrete Working Group

If you have particular chemical or mineralogical questions, you can also directly contact the Mineralogy and Inorganic Chemistry Working Group, Dr. Holger Nebel.

The staff in the Environmental Group can help with questions about environmental compatability.